Give the gift of free time.

Make someone’s day by taking away the chore of laundry or trips to the dry cleaners. Send a 2ULaundry gift card to your friends or family today.

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Give the gift of free time
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Send free time to your family and friends today!

It’s always the right time to give the gift of free time!

2ULaundry gift cards are the perfect gift for busy people who deserve to take a load off.
Here are some of our favorite occasions for giving the gift of free time.

baby carraige

New Baby

Have a friend or family member that’s
expecting a baby? Give them what they
need, but couldn’t register for: Time.
Perfect for those extra loads of newborn
onesies, bedding, and burpcloths!

Helping Hand

Know someone who is recovering from
an injury or illness and could use a
helping hand? Let them know you’re
thinking of them by helping them take
laundry off their to-do list.

Special Occasions

Birthdays, holidays, weddings - no matter
what you’re celebrating, 2ULaundry makes
the perfect party companion! Give
someone you love the gift of time to spend
on the things that matter most.

Frequently asked questions

Send a 2ULaundry gift card via email directly from our website. Simply select the gift card amount, input the sender’s email address, and leave a special message! The recipient will receive an email with instructions to create an account, redeem the gift, and schedule their first pickup. Once complete, you will receive an email receipt for your gift card purchase.

Current customers can also send a gift card from the Give a Gift section of their Online Account. Simply select the gift amount, select your delivery preference (email or text), and customize your gift message. The recipient will receive an email with instructions to create an account, redeem the gift, and schedule their first pickup.

To purchase a gift card for an existing customer, make sure to input the email address associated with the recipient’s existing 2ULaundry account. The recipient will immediately receive an email letting them know they’ve been gifted 2ULaundry account credit.

Current customers can send a gift card to another existing customer from the "Give a Gift"? The recipient will immediately receive an email letting them know they’ve been gifted 2ULaundry account credit.

New customers can redeem a gift card through their gift card email. Either use the direct signup link to automatically redeem your gift or input the custom referral code in the Gift Card Code field during the signup process on our homepage,

Existing customers will automatically receive their gift in the form of a 2ULaundry account credit at the time of purchase.

Need help? You can also redeem a gift by contacting our Customer Care Team and providing your unique Gift Card Code.

2ULaundry is committed to environmentally-friendly initiatives and only offers digital gift cards. Learn more about why the environment loves us here.

Want to give your gift on a Holiday or special day? No problem! We offer the option to delay the send date on your gift card email. Simply select this option when purchasing your gift card, and the recipient will receive your gift card email on the desired date.

Gift cards can be used on any of 2ULaundry’s services. Check out our pricing page here for more information about our services.

Yes, our Customer Care Team would be more than happy to assist with this! Make sure to provide the recipient’s email address and the gift card purchase date.

Please contact our Customer Care Team for support. They will gladly provide the unique Gift Card Code that the recipient can use to sign up for a 2ULaundry account and redeem their gift.

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Repairs &

Priced per item

Prices may vary based on complexity of the repair. Repairs and
alterations may take up to 3-5 business days.

Please use the black bag for repair items and notify the 2ULaundry
Customer Care Team prior to pickup.

  • Button Repairreplacing broken and missing buttons
  • Simple Tearminor repair work and sewing
  • Hemsaltering the length of pants, skirts, and other garments
  • Zipper Repairreplacing zippers on garments
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